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Outfitter Program



Last Minute Hunting and Fishing Outfitter Pricing 2017

Your Website is listed in our directory by Species and Region.

Big Game Outfitters(or any combo of below): $500.00 per year with unlimited postings.

African Outfitters:$500.00 per year with unlimited postings.

Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Outfitters: $250.00 per year with unlimited postings.

Upland and Small Game Outfitters:$250.00 per year with unlimited postings.

Waterfowl Outfitters:$250.00 per year with unlimited postings.

We are pleased to offer payment by: Visa, Master Card or Company Cheque.

Pricing is for a one year membership. There are no other fees or charges.

You may post as many Specials, Cancellations or openings you may have.

with a 12 month membership.

If you require Further details, please contact.

Mike Bellefeuille


Last Minute Hunting and Fishing .com



This is what outfitters on the site are saying!

"I began utilizing Last Minute Hunting and Fishing last season and with our first posting, I received several inquiries and many turned into actual bookings, outstanding advertising, indeed! Cost effective, efficient and the staff is easy to work with and offer tips and techniques to personalize your on line ad. 
Definitely a noticeable increase on our "bottom-line" especially during these trying times for sportsman dollars."

Thank You!

Tight Lines,
John Kugler 

Last Minute Hunting and has worked for us. With a few hunts left to sell in the spring of 2009 I took the chance and listed my camps with Blaine. I was able to move 5 hunts and fill my camps. I was pleased with the value, returns and service. I would not hesitate to use this service again.


Dean Sandulak

Trophy Stone Outfitting Ltd.
Shell Valley Outfitters Ltd.
Dean Sandulak


Hi Mike:

Just thought I'd let you know that last fall I was able to sell my  remaining bear tags through you website. This would not have been possible had it not been for Last Minute Hunting and Fishing.

Finally there is an outdoorsmen directory for us outdoorsmen that is operated by competent ,experienced ,knowledgeable and personable people such as yourself. and your partner Blaine.

it is with pleasure and confidence that I am renewing my membership for the year 2010.


Norman Sancartier
Caribou Lodge Outfitters


Last Minute Hunting and Fishing site, is the real deal. Less expensive than hunting shows, and a great place to advertise those last few spots you need to fill. Great people to deal with that are always willing to help.

Thanks Guys
Chad Mohr
Ace Outfitters Inc.


Hey i just wanted to tell you guys that your site is awesome. We booked a several guys through your site and had alot of calls. I just want to let you know that I think your site is great and that it helps us out alot.

Cody Cutler
Kansas Trophy Outfitters