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Advertising Program

Last Minute Hunting and

2017 Media Kit

 About Last Minute Hunting and Fishing: 

Last Minute Hunting and ( was created in 2006 to answer a need in the industry for Outfitters to market their Cancellations, Specials or Openings to a worldwide marketplace. Our mission is to be the largest clearing house for cancelled and unsold trips in the Outdoor Industry.
How your ads works:

We have a number of placement options within the site. Your products will be placed in the zones that will result in the best possible exposure for your products based on your budget.
Every Special we do is sent out to our in house registry as well as posted on Facebook and pertinent LinkedIn Groups. Your logo and Link are on all the Specials we send out. We do Specials usually every day, being seen by 100,000 plus through our various Social media feeds, Facebook, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn groups as well as our own Registry. 
Results Thus Far:
Since April 2007 we have had over 300 Outfitters from North America and Africa on our site. Visitation to the site has grown significantly from year to year as Brand recognition grows. Based on historical increases we conservatively anticipate a 34 % growth rate in visits to LMHF in 2017. With well over 4.55 million page views in 2016, this is a great opportunity for advertisers to make multiple impressions.
How we advertise:

The big change for us has been our shift from traditional Advertising venues to focus on Social media opportunities like Facebook, LinkedIn Groups etc. We  still do some select TV advertising on Outdoor networks but not as much as the past. The results thus far have been very positive.
We are able to reach our target markets dirtectly with real time accountability.
By optimizing our website, we are consistently on page one of all the major search engines.
We run Google Word ads Campaigns on a regular basis to drive traffic to LMHF.

Advertising Rates:
Advertising rates are based on ad size and placement on the website.
Rates are negotiable with Product exchange.


Home page:

Feature ad: 280 x 347px rotating $1500.00 per year

120 x 240px vertical rotating $1200.00 per year

 72 x 234px horizontal rotating $1000.00 per year

Ads will also be placed on links page and sent out in all email blasts to a growing list of registrants (1800+) that have signed up to get an alert each time an outfitter posts a discounted trip.

Big Game, Africa,South America, Australlia and New Zealand.
125 X 125px bottom $500.00 per year.
120 x 240px vertical rotating $7500.00 per year
Upland, Game, Waterfowl, Freshwater Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Other category:
125 x 125px bottom $250.00 per year
120 x 240px vertical rotating $750.00 per year
To place your ad contact:
Mike Bellefeuille
Director of Sales & Marketing
Last Minute Hunting and
Phone: 1 877 663 4864
Mobile: 1 905 409 7598